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1. Our OT complex includes 7 highly sterilized operating rooms, including one septic and one minor operating room.
2. All are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments that facilitate surgeries such as Diabetic Foot, General Surgeries, Neurosurgeries, Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology & Non-Invasive Surgeries.
3. The sterilized environment ensures minimal infection while trained nurses and aseptic techniques assure best care and treatment.
4. Our OT also incorporates a digital recording 7 audio-visual connectivity with the auditorium that assists information sharing with experts during clinical meetings.


  1. CSSD uses autoclave for steam, ETO sterilization to sterilize heat sensitive, reusable items and ultrasonic and water disinfector for cleaning and disinfecting used items. This ensures that all surgical and other reusable equipments used in the hospital remain infection free.  
  2. The Department processes, issues and controls all professional supplies used by various medical and surgical units of the hospital to ensure our patients’ safety.  


  1. The Quality Assurance & Infection Control Committee ensures good quality patient care by reducing hospital acquired infection.  
  2. It informs the hospital authorities about communicable/infectious diseases.  
  3. Holds regular audits and imparts CME to staff members.  
  4. The department is also responsible for the internal and external quality control procedures.