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  The road from a small diabetic set up to a super speciality hospital, providing tertiary care, has been a long one. The journey however, is not over as the S.L. Raheja Hospital still seeks new areas of medicine it can explore.

Like all things grand, the S.L. Raheja story too had a humble beginning – the formation of the Diabetic Association of India in 1955. While the Association was formed to educate and disseminate information concerning diabetes to the public, it soon became apparent that members of the medical profession also needed to be educated and trained in this field. To accomplish this goal, the All India Institute of Diabetes was established under the aegis of the Diabetic Association of India in 1974. Diabetes as an ailment found new combatants as the institute educated and trained a whole new generation of doctors in the field of Diabetology.

It was then that the Raheja family realized the need for a specialized Diabetics Unit and stepped in with their complete support. In 1982, we added a Diabetes focused hospital with 80 beds. During this time we also introduced specialities like Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Nephrology, ENT & Dental that helped us to deal with various complications arising out of Diabetics.

Our aim has always been to specialize in one area of expertise and then begin one another. So, once we had established ourselves in the field of diabetic treatment, we decided to start our battle against cancer. The first step in this direction was the introduction of our Oncology Department under the Asian Institute of Oncology in 2001 which provides Tertiary Care Services to cancer patients.

In 2003, our services were expanded to multi-specialities that provide comprehensive and affordable care to patients suffering from various ailments. At this time the bed capacity in our hospital was also increased to 170.

Currently, our bed capacity is 230.

Today a renowned name in the field of medicine, we are aware of our social responsibilities as well. We run various health care camps and sessions that educate the general public about common health problems, their prevention and cure.

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